The Latvian Provisional National Council 100 year anniversary

Valka, assembling Latvian organizations and civil activists, was principal in inciting and popularizing ideas of self – determination and independence for Latvia.

 The first preliminary actions of organizing Latvia’s statehood took place in Valka.

                                                                                                                         /Adolfs Erss/


   Questions about the statehood of Latvia became particularly urgent after the February (March), 1917 revolution in Russia.

   However, Latvia lacked one consolidate organization which could represent all peoples both at home and abroad. Therefore representatives of Latvian civil parties and public organizations decided to form The Latvian Provisional National Council (LPNC).

   The first meeting of the Latvian Provisional National Council took place in Valka from November 29 till December 2, 1917.

   During this meeting LPNC made several declarations, most significant of which was the declaration which proclaimed Latvia’s autonomy. It was a big step toward the independence of Latvia, as the political situation at this time did not allow LPNC to make such a declaration about the independence of Latvia.


   In order to popularize the idea of on independent Latvia several days later, Karlis Skalbe the remarkable Latvian writer, member of the Latvian Provisional National Council board wrote the appeal “For all Latvians”. The appeal ended with the words “Long live free unite Latvia”.


Valka Town Hall building (now in Kesk Street 11, Valga, Estonia) where the foundation meeting – the first session of Latvian Provisional National Council - took place.

A photo taken about 1916



Aija Priedīte

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